Freelance Writing Services: Need copy quickly? Guerrero Ink is happy to provide you whatever you need in the way of writing. Internet, print and specialty projects are just some of the services we provide. Most of our prices are in alignment with Writer’s Market. We’d be happy to quote you by word, page, or project. We also can give you an hourly rate.

Small Businesses: Need help deciding what your best strategy is for promoting your business? Or perhaps you need new copy for your website or ways to keep up with your existing customers? Either way Guerrero Ink can help because marketing and small business presence are two of my specialities!

Web Content & Page Updates: Need fast updates or new content? Guerrero Ink can manage your content for you and write perky effective copy. Did you know Diana L. Guerrero (proprietor) has been writing on the web since 1995 and publishes an online magazine? The best part is the speed and affordability.

Business Communications: Many businesses need client communiques or a newsletters. These are just a few services we offer. We also can help you with tag lines, marketing materials and press releases. In addition, we can broadcast throughout southern California and via our newswire service to most anywhere. Just ask, we’d be happy to help you out!

Get A Quote Today!: Our rates are in alignment with the current Writers Market. We can quote per page, per word, per project or per hour. Contact us today for a freelance writing quote!